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Youtube channels currently still

Some time ago I made ​​a post recommending some YouTube channels. But enough of that now, I make this second part discussing the channels that I follow.

I hope that through this post Uncover a channel that will prove interesting. I will also encourage you to leave a comment stating your favorite channels :)

A channel that lately I'm hooked is to Valenti San Juan. His videos about sport and motivation are great.

Crazy Russian Hacker is a Russian guy (as the name indicates channel) that is dedicated to making videos with tricks and tips to make our daily lives.

This style also follow the channel HouseHoldHacker.

How to basic. I do not know exactly why I keep this channel, but every time he gets a ring to him as if my life depended on this video. Do not be fooled by the previous images of the videos.

TopTrendingVideo . It is a Youtube channel ATresMedia in climbing humor content of some of the TV programs broadcast on public TV and videos made specifically for the channel in which known Youtubers involved. Great to laugh a while.

The Mahogany Sessions . A channel in which various artists up acoustic sessions. Very cool and relaxing.

Albert Extrem is a tiny channel that has only 4 videos now, but useful for anyone interested in the world of knots.

Channels on Japan.

As you know, I am a lover of Japan and therefore also keep several channels related to this issue.

Craker is a guy who climbed into his overcoat channel videos related to video games, but apparently recently that Japan is going up quite interesting videos from their point of view.

Japanistic is another channel of a guy living in Japan and upload videos of their day to day with the camera in the first person (usually). I like editing and music that often put in the video background.

Sukowe Revolog GAL is a guy who worked with Project Japan, but recently has a channel that talks about Japanese music mainly for us to be abreast of the most important releases.

DVSTokyo is a channel of two boys passionate about climbing videos Japan over Japan every time they travel to the country of the rising sun. But lately also upload videos of his last trip to Hong Kong. Editing and music of some of the videos are great.

The software I use to work and be productive

Reviewing the blogs I follow, I found this post from ansamor called "The software I use every day to work and be more productive."
I found it odd mu and thanks to him I met some apps and services that may encourage me to try. So I've thought about doing a post equally and with the same structure but with the software I use to who might be interested and like me, you may find something new. Let's begin.


Many years ago I use MacOSX as the only operating system. Currently the latest version, Yosemite OSX version 10.10.3. It is fabulous in my MacBook Pro Retina 15 ". (Basic model of mid 2014).


He also flirts with Windows 10 on a virtualization Yosemite that I have with Parallels. I use it to test apps that are not for MacOSX (especially Steam games) Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 02.03.40

I also use a lot the iPhone5S as device "for all": write down ideas, reminders, calendar, mail, share content on social networks ... The iPad 2 already I have relegated almost household: watch videos, surf the Internet for recipes, tutorials, etc ... as well as occasional second monitor MacBook Pro.

Web browser

Basically I use the iPhone Safari for its speed and reliability, but things change the computer's Chrome and who the cat takes to water. Although I have recently read that Chrome uses a lot more memory and system resources in the MacBook and perhaps make an effort to use more Safari, I'm so used to Google browser that I find difficult to change.

I love for 2 reasons:

  • The "inspect element" option, which allows browsing in the code of a web and play the html, php and css in real time to see how something will be before actually touching it. Very useful for web designers.

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 3.56.27

  • Extensions. It is definitely the best of Chrome. These extensions are small applications that are installed in the browser and we provide tasks. The most used are:

Evernote Web Clipper: to capture articles, images, videos and anything you need to save or read later and always have it handy on any device. Evernote installed. From the extension you can decide which book to send the content, add tags, etc ...

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 3.58.44

Feedly: since the demise of Google Reader, I use Feedly as desktop every day to keep up with the blogs I follow.

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 04.01.28

HootSuite: great extension that lets me share my social media content either at the time or scheduling it for when I want.

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 4.08.08

1 Password: Since recently I habituándome to use this password manager for the safety of my user accounts of all kinds.

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 04.10.24

Pinterest: from this extension I can save images that I like in my Pinterest board I then serves as inspiration when designing or drawing something.

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 11.04.50

Writing applications to work

By having laptop, try to have the least amount of installed applications possible in order to not occupy much space on your hard drive, so basically I use 3 apps to write:

  • Notes:. Native iPhone app and Mac Here I point notes, ideas and no important date reminders and synchronized between my devices.

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 16.02.04

  • Evernote: When I have to write an email or a long article that I will not publish the moment, I write in Evernote. Then I copy and paste where you need to format and publish it. The advantage is that having evernoe in all my devices at any time can change / add / remove what you want.

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 16.03.44

  • WordPress editor: if I want to write a post and I am clear that what I mean, soil type it directly from the WordPress editor itself. AutoSave does not worry me nothing but write.

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 16.05.42

System utilities

MacOSX I love because it comes with many standard utilities that do not have to look for alternatives. My favorites are:

  • Spotlight: great utility to find any file on my Mac, launch applications or to do mathematical calculations ... without opening an application or folder.

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 16.17.52

  • Desks: if not a utility, but I find it very comfortable to work with multiple virtual desktops. In addition to use two monitors (the MacBook and HP 24 ") I can have more desktops. I usually use each as a standalone desktop app, so I focus on the app I'm using at the time and I have less distractions.

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 16.19.18

  • Trackpad gestures: I think the Mac trackpad gestures are the very best that has MacOSX. With simple gestures I can move, push, click, show all that I have open, switch between desktops ... great.

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 16.29.53

Besides, I use other utilities that do not come standard on the system, but I go great in the day:

  • Disk Drill: This utility analysis makes me and tell me the status of my hard drives. Moreover, in case of data loss or damaged discs, I used to repair or retrieve data.

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 16.31.53

  • Battery Health: the name itself suggests, this utility is telling me as it is my laptop battery.

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 16.33.00

  • Clean Memory: RAM to release you are not using and gain speed in the system.

Screenshot 20.04.2015 at 16.33.39

Other tools and organization

As I said, I use Evernote for many tasks (I think I'll do a separate post, which did a while is already somewhat dated) but also use reminders (pun intended) remember tasks, things to do or even to list purchase. As I use the native calendar app on MacOSX and Calendar5 on the iPhone.

As mailer basically use Gmail through the web, but I also use the native Mail app with emails I not use much but I check occasionally.

Leisure and personal communication

Not everything is going to be work, too many applications I use for my moments of leisure and relaxation, here are some:

To organize and play music use iTunes and Spotify (free version). TuneIn also on the iPhone when I'm in the shower, washing dishes or doing anything where you do not need a computer. Since you have not usually wear a lot of music on the iPhone, so I force myself to listen to online radios and discover new things.

To organize series, movies and watch them on TV I use the NAS Synology and DSVideo app that lets you send content to AppleTV or directly to the TV via DLNA.

As messaging clients, the ones I use now are Messenger of Facebook and LINE, but also use messages (the native iPhone app), Whatsapp and Telegram, depending on who you need to contact. I always think I should stop just installed but I hate to have to make my family and many friends, who basically have to use WhatsApp installed another (my favorite is LINE). Speaking professional tone I'd rather do it by email.

I also use Skype for English classes and to record podcasts.

Finally, I confess I still always carry a notebook Moleskine type and a small case for quick notes or sketches in which it's easier to write or draw to get mobile or on the computer. That if, then captured with Evernote page: P


I've recently started to aficionarme "nanoblock".

Nanoblock is a brand building sets the style of the LEGO known, but with much smaller pieces (the smallest measuring just 4mm x 4mm x 5mm). It is a division of the toy brand Kawada Co. Ltd. The type of construction is less nanoblock child and thought for a teen-adult audience, especially when dealing with very small pieces.

Nanoblock is a fairly new Japanese brand, founded in 2008 in Tokyo. For some time I saw them in some stores in Barcelona but it was not until a few weeks that I got the first one does daruma .

Screenshot 04.05.2015 at 12.45.02

The packs come in bags or boxes of various sizes and themes of the buildings are multifarious: from animals or instruments to buildings and famous people.

I personally like Japanese theme and hence this post.

Shortly after I was given this tempo nanoblock Kaminarimon Tokyo.

Screenshot 04.05.2015 at 12.45.17

Screenshot 04.05.2015 at 12.45.34

I took the opportunity to record a video of the construction for Japan Project . I did not count exactly but it took about 4-5 hours to mount, which are summarized in this fast motion.

Accessories like transparent boxes are also sold to lock away our buildings and equipment to assemble the parts more comfortably.

I leave you with some pictures and videos I've taken from the official website of nanoblock .









33 Salo Barcelona Comic Book. Bittersweet feeling.

One year, we went to visit the Salo del Comic de Barcelona. As usual, we decided to go the first day a few hours of opening the drawing room that day was party to avoid the crowds that weekend usually occur in this type of event.

On this occasion, the Comic had two spaces: one on the top floor where most exhibitions, table talks and several exhibitors related associations and schools and another on the lower floor where we found the usual met: stands and more occasional exposure.

The truth, though I liked the room, in the sense that I liked the exhibition and bought some things that had long wanted, I was a bittersweet feeling. Although expanded the space, it has given me the feeling that the number of exhibitors is down and many of those who had dedicated themselves almost exclusively to merchandising, ie figures, t-shirts, mugs and various objects that sometimes had to do more with the manga, movies or video games with the comic.

On the other hand, one of the things I liked best comic salon was able to visit the small stands of fanzines, which this year have been conspicuous by their absence, due to the "strike" fanzineros the vast majority this year they decided not to attend the Comic. The reason, so I could read Facebook comments from people involved and some other blog, is given by the high fees that the organizer, Ficomic imposes to hire a space at the event. It is that not only space reservation conditions are quite poor but also prices rise every year, making it more difficult to hire a stand. Besides this type of stands used to be in the worst area of ​​the enclosure, one that is never happened and that you purposely only if you intend to visit.

Seen this way gives the impression that the organization increasingly thinks more money and less on spreading the culture of comics. I understand that after all is an event that is organized for people to buy and spend money, but another problem is the cost of entry, which is 8 € if you have any discount. This makes it difficult for many people to think twice before paying the entry for with those 8 € may well buy a pair of comic books in his library forever.

That said, it is not the main problem but it all adds up. I remember my first salons of comics in France Station of Barcelona and even some not so distant that were already on the grounds of the Fira where going to the salon I was especially excited because I knew it was movement, there were people who cared for you liked them comics, fanzineros roamed around the grounds trying to sell his latest self-published number (I myself have been in these) and especially because year after year, he returned to meet many people who only saw those four days (that times when I could go to the lounge 4 days). The latter is not so easy, we have become older and many of my friends do not go to these rooms either by work, family or can not afford a stand that does not ensure you recover the investment. But first, the salonero spirit ... I notice you're missing. Sure back next year, I will give it another try. And another one if necessary. But for me it is no longer what it was. What was once a single event at Spanish level and a reference even at European level, is becoming "one more" where only the stands of publishers and department stores stand to gain and small The betting and risking their publications whether self-published or unknown perpetrators do not go so lightly. Hopefully over time things change and the living room back to what it was.

I leave you with a small gallery of random photos I took in the living things that caught my attention. That said, although the feeling of this room has been bittersweet, does not mean that I would pass well :)

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Design talk interviews

I'll tell you something that not everyone has. How two companies turned away. Of course, some have told me that if I do not want you to think I'm a loser, but explain that I was wrong sometimes necessary to reach a final conclusion and that you, who are reading this, you would think twice before taking a wrong decision.

I once had the opportunity to be interviewed by two companies that were leading to my taste. You work in those places I would love (and I would still charming). I will not say the names, but this is an online marketing company and a popular online store.

I will explain how the interviews were:

In both cases the interviews were very similar.

Event marketing company:

Location: It is a leading company at the time, in the heart of Barcelona, ​​with many workers, super cool projects and working people I know (Twitter, not in person), who give me good references. Carries brands and online projects in which many people want to work.

The thing was like this:

  1. Someone human resources company contacts me because I sent them my information through its website, and I saw they were looking for someone with my profile.
  2. After a couple of mails, we specify date and time for the interview and ask me to take my work.
  3. The day of the interview all great, I teach my work, they treat me well, I teach office and tell me and call me.

The funny thing is that to date, no one has called me to tell me if I have to go to sign a contract or not. In any case, so far so normal. At the end of the day, it was I who, "I asked," the interview, sending my CV and all. And even I can fully understand someone else's profile ajustase they were looking at. Come on, an interview failed design in the history of humanity design interviews. Hump ​​you do not call but nothing happens, I guess I would interview dozens of staff and can pass them call someone.

Come with case 2.

Case online store:

Location: Publicly just landed in Spain, in Barcelona and looking for people to begin their adventure here and try to conquer the market that currently dominate other companies. Although they are starting in Spain, it is a very big level to Asian and American business.

  1. The director of the company in Spain contact me through LinkedIN because he wants my profile. I know that currently work but still accept an interview.
  2. I show the date and time agreed in offices. Huge, meeting many, many people working and all in an open space and with young people. The company is starting in Spain but things are looking great. Over an hour of meeting with the director of the company in Spain. I have overcome difficult conditions, a very flexible schedule and although I warn that work very hard and it is not certain that things go well. But I like the idea, it is something new and was ready to leave my job for this. So I asked to perform a series of designs as if they were for your online store. I did more than what they asked me and less time, and I wanted them to see that I liked the offer and looked forward to working with them.
  3. I send the designs they asked me (I repeat, deliberately designs made exclusively for them) and after one week to contact me back for a second interview.
  4. The day of the second interview, I get the creative director of the company, a very nice young man who returns to tell more or less the same as the director explained, but more focused on work that would perform about 45 minutes with him and he tells me to keep in touch.

And even there, it was the last time you went to know about that company. They did not call me, or send me any mail or anything. Of course, they did not pay me the designs I did for them. And that they were the ones who contacted me directly.

Now I present a third case that also happened to me and I preferred to leave for last.

If taps company:

Situation: I sent my CV to a company that manufactures faucets. If taps. What we all have in the kitchen and in the bathroom. They needed a designer and I showed interested.

  1. They called me because they received my CV and we arranged an interview. They told me carry my work.
  2. I showed up the day and time they told me. I must say, to reach the site had to catch metro, bus and walk about 15 minutes. They showed me the room and explained what they wanted: someone to help the editorial department of the company to lay out their catalogs (eye, very beautiful catalogs of more than 300 pages). I spent a good time with the company director and the head of the editorial department for an hour or so and was told that because I would say something.
  3. After a few weeks, they called me to tell me that they did not choose me because there was another boy who lived next door and also liked (and at that time I had no driver's license), but they liked a lot of my work and desanimase not me. They wished me luck and thanked me for coming to the interview.

You see, three different situations although they ended badly, one can describe the "good" other "bad" and a "worse".


  • Not cool a company not to call you after an interview, either to tell you whether to say no. It is normal if the answer is no, take longer to say something, because until you do not have someone signed, will try not rule anybody "just in case". But when after a year do not have said anything .... Okay, yes, that has happened to us all a thousand times, but I think it costs nothing to send an email or make a call but is to give the bad news and look good to someone who has shown interest in you. Or, conversely, and much worse: show interest in someone, you spend your time because you can not order it and then give no thanks.
  • Think twice before working free design for an interview. Or at least, if they will not pay you for testing, you know it beforehand. Not you, but I felt ripped off in the second case. More than once I've done that then design tests have not been paid for but did not want to tell me that the company would pay me. That is, it is not the fact that you pay for the tests or not, is the knowledge that the company in question trusts you and knows your work and your time is worth money. It's what makes them human, what makes a designer know that the site is assessed.
  • Never say no to an interview. Entry may not like the company or the offer, but you never know what you find. In the third case, they turned away, but so that I did not feel cheated and felt I had spoiled my time going to the interview. In any case, I prefer that I discovered there are people who value your time and cares about you and that makes you not give up and keep trying.

Before finishing this post, I would like to clarify that I write this as a "revenge" by companies being turned away because many of them have treated me better than some I've worked with. In fact these three cases occurred to me several years ago. But so far he had not written anything about it and it seemed interesting to share. If this article will serve one person to think about whether or not to attend a job interview and make a better decision, and will be worth the while been in front of my laptop writing this.


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