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Since I took up the blog in February, and half a year ago , I have not failed my appointment with any WordPress editor week.

But summer comes and you need a break, at least digitally. Not me go holiday or anything like that (and I would), but I have a couple of weeks working with things, with proposals that have made me on the table and with ideas in my head that I need to spend more time. So I'm going to let this blog rest a while. In principle I will return in September, but the same again before it takes longer or do not know.

In any case, you are invited to re-read any blog post or follow me on Twitter :) I'm also publishing in Japan Project.

Happy summer!

Nobody gives you anything, move your ass

This is a post a little random in which I'm writing things that come to mind as it is, without having too many filters to what I say, so either you take it seriously, just take what most interests you and do what you see fit. Having said that…

Lately, I'm getting to know or rather realizing that there are many people around me complaining about their work or no sentences have it and how are you are on the agenda:

  1. The thing is very bad, do not call me anywhere.
  2. At my age no one wants me.
  3. I is that I have this to get by while I get something else.
  4. Ui, I will not work while I am studying.
  5. I do not feel valued ...

And we could say many more ...

The issue is that I find it funny how many people complain of their work but instead does nothing to fix the situation ... I understand that getting the job of your dreams or simply one to fill you minimally is not easy, but easier It is to continue as you are now doing nothing, right?

Without going any further, I have a couple of friends who have long complained of their work situation and when I tell them to send me your CV for delivery in the company where I work told me that of "then I send it" and never heard . For the record, in this case I deliver the CV in my company says absolutely nothing, but is just one example of how easy it is to continue accommodated and even be willing to send the CV to another site makes you settle further .

He thinks the longer you regretting your current situation more watertight it will cost you and then leave.

By this I do not want to thank me for motivational guru or anything like that, but I would like that if you're reading this and your situation, as you finish reading the post you think about it and do something about Plantées. Others would say "stop reading right now and acts", but not me. I like to read my blog that's why I write. Yya you're here, just read the post, go! : P

In any case, what I will say now is a gospel truth is that nobody gives you anything. The job does not rain from the sky and if you sit waiting for the opportunity of your life, you take clear ... The opportunities do not come you have to create them, making notice and making you assert.

If your way of finding a job is send your CV indiscriminately by the thousand and one job portals that exist, sorry but you're doing it wrong.

Find out about the company, the position to which you present yourself. Send a letter or even better, introduce yourself in offices and gives the face, you see that you really want to work there and vouchers for that.

Sure it may also be the case after that do not hire them. If so do not get discouraged, ask the interviewer what you did wrong and what you can improve, you are on your right. That will make you stronger and improve the perception of others towards you.

The main thing is security. Be sure you want the job and not another. Or, conversely, they do not want. I myself have turned down jobs being unemployed simply because they thought that was not for me.

And most importantly, when you find that job, do not think that's it, more calls and Push yourself. Try to be the best at your job, try, make mistakes and still wants more either inside or outside your company.

To quote Steve Jobs, "Stay hungry, stay foolish" that the translation would be something like "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish."

Luckily I had (and have) a parent and a couple who have never content with what they had and always seeking more and more to grow and move forward and on the ball and that has been hitting me gradually.

Before I was not, I was more conformist and so I know that satisfying little by little reaching a goal is priceless. And being about to reach out and get one for either no sleep.

By the way, I just realized that I have managed to "talk" of motivation and setting goals without saying "comfort zone" even once. Achievement unlocked. And term, as it will not run the post, I think a little messy, but as I said before, I've been writing as I thought.

As we pray in the header of the blog, I'm a fan of Apple and here I leave you with the famous video that gave Steve Jobs at Stanford University in 2005, very motivating.

Up early vs. stay up late

5 more minutes ...

It is ironic to publish this post just one more day up early: at 5:30 am since my first clock. Obviously this is programmed and automatically publish when I will be already working.

Anyway, what I was going. I admit that I do not like early. I have never liked it. It is not laziness or idleness, I assure you. Since I was a student I used to do more nightlife that day and not for partying (I also had my time).

Surely more than one person, especially creative (designers, illustrators, programmers, writers ...) can identify with what I will say now is that I much prefer to work at night than during the day.

By day it is warmer and there are many more things that can interrupt and stop the flow of ideas that happen to you when you start to do something. Without exaggerating, I think 95% of the posts of this blog have been written last one in the morning (and this is no exception). During the day there are many interruptions, I will mention a few:

  • Phone calls.
  • Posts (Whatsapp, Telegram, etc ...).
  • Emails.
  • Street noises.
  • Neighbors (if you live in a building).
  • People who live with you (sensitive subject, but to work at home better the fewer distractions. Similarly, you too can be the distraction ...)
  • Neighbors who play an instrument (why everywhere I've lived there ever a neighbor who plays the piano or trumpet?).
  • Notifications on social networks.
  • Clients with last minute changes.
  • Family Matters (washing, cooking, cleaning, etc ...)

And the list could be much longer.

At night, unless there is some unforeseen, you're just you and your computer (or whatever you work with). You can put your music without anyone bothering you or you say "low volume" or "change the song."

I do not say that what he is up at 17:00 every day, is not it.

But instead of at 6 or 7 am, I prefer to get up at 10 or 11 and so hold on until 4 or 5 awake. I postponed my day just to have more quiet night hours. And those times are far more productive than 8 hours of full-time work, with a break (hopefully).

I understand that some people prefer early and "seize the day" (which in my opinion is the same but advancing it a few hours), but everyone likes.

And eye, I talk about work at night in creative things to be more productive.

Although for some time and because of my work schedule (the same entered 9 in the morning at 6 o'clock, do you have working in a mall), and I decided to get up early whenever possible to "seize the day "and if that day and night lengthens am inspired, I can always also take advantage of the night. Yes, always making sure that the day will not have to work in the morning, one thing that I like most the night and other superpowers have anti fatigue by sleep deprivation.

And you, are you up early or stay up late over ?.

They are my vacation and do not want

It's Monday already and are almost 1 am and I have post this week prepared, so I must get down to work because tomorrow we plan a movidito day and with little time for blogging. In this post I will tell some random things that I find curious when the holidays are approaching and they have come to mind linger after a Sunday nap (one of the 4 or 5 naps I miss me a year).

When they start to get hot, and people see you whitey / a, you say: What !, are white does not take the sun?

Look, no. It seems that in summer is a sacrilege not go to the beach and no sun. I happen to that rare breed who do not like too much sun, much less go to the beach. I advise you to read this article called " The beach: the big shit ", where very clearly explained that going to the beach (we understand city beaches, large crowded beaches, no idyllic coves).

Also, give me a nap after I said aloud, "I will ask some year a week of vacation and I will spend the week sleeping on the couch, with air conditioning and doing nothing." Anybody home said "what a waste of time".

Meeeeeec, error.

I understand that people like to travel and as having vacations like going to visit sites like if there were no tomorrow, but hey, if I've thrown all year currando like a wild boar, I have the same right to go to take per sack to stay at home doing nothing, right ?.

If I want to sleep and sleep and not put the clock in a week, why not do it ?. At the end of the day is my vacation and I say that I can decide what I want or do not want to do.

On the other hand respect who would love the idea of ​​having that week vacation and put the alarm sooner than normal and stressed at work. If you enjoy hey, so, of course.

He has always liked more the mountain beach and I think for two reasons: there are fewer people and shadows which lie down to take a nice nap without passing heat tan.

Testing snapchat

In today's post I will talk a little snapchat , an app that was created in 2010 and became popular across the board in 2012.

Yo, I'm trying every new app you see, tried it about a year ago without much success and did not call my attention. Used to sharing things in my blogs, I came and Youtube, where everything is stored, you could not find the sense of this instant messaging app in your publications could only be seen once and for a few seconds. We can say that at that time the great fame that had this app was to be the ultimate app messaging when sending photos say ... committed precisely by the ephemeral matter. That's not for me, I thought.

But lately I see many famous and Youtubers invite people to follow them in this app. On the other hand, my good friend Edu Luque insisted I give him a chance. According to him, this app is "the future of blogs daily."

So for a couple of weeks I slowly nip in the app.

For those who do not know well, commented that now is and what it offers:

With this app you can shoot video or take photos that you can send to a contact and it will only see once. For videos, the duration is to mark the video (I think they're about 20 seconds maximum). If you send a photo, you can decide how many seconds you can see it.

On the other hand, it is the roll "daily blog" that says my friend Edu, which is that you can record videos or upload photos to your followers can see for 24 hours. That is, if you follow a famous and two days ago he climbed the best video of the story, you're going to run out to see it, because it has already disappeared from the application.

To add a contact, you must do so by your username and only then. It has a search engine users but you can not search by name, but you have to type the exact user. For example, if you want to follow and seek "Jaume Estruch" you will not find anything. You will have to write "jaumeestruch"

That's it, that simple. Furthermore, the app itself is responsible for grouping the best snaps by location (so called publications) and you mark them as outstanding. For example, yesterday I was watching snaps of people in the San Diego Comic Con. And there also as "channels" that are sponsored television accounts or famous sites like MTV; VICE or Yahoo !.

You can also choose whether your publications the whole world can see only your contacts or only the contacts you choose.

As shortcomings, you could say that you can not share your posts on other social networks, so any attempt to promote yourself in snapchat run your account and manually. Nor is there a link to your post to share, everything is within the app.

We are unable to search for approximate or similar name makes it difficult to follow someone if you do not know your particular user name.

And the highlights are usually on topics that may give quite the same. At the time of this writing there is a highlight of the Wimbledon tennis final I care very little. Equally sure that many people like the snaps gave the San Diego Comic Con.

For now I will publish things I see on the street or comments that come to mind and although do not see real value rather than hang out and communicate in a different way, I find it entertaining and original.

If you want to follow me, seek me byjaumeestruch

The app is free and is available for iOS and Android .

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