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Up early vs. stay up late

5 more minutes ...

It is ironic to publish this post just one more day up early: at 5:30 am since my first clock. Obviously this is programmed and automatically publish when I will be already working.

Anyway, what I was going. I admit that I do not like early. I have never liked it. It is not laziness or idleness, I assure you. Since I was a student I used to do more nightlife that day and not for partying (I also had my time).

Surely more than one person, especially creative (designers, illustrators, programmers, writers ...) can identify with what I will say now is that I much prefer to work at night than during the day.

By day it is warmer and there are many more things that can interrupt and stop the flow of ideas that happen to you when you start to do something. Without exaggerating, I think 95% of the posts of this blog have been written last one in the morning (and this is no exception). During the day there are many interruptions, I will mention a few:

  • Phone calls.
  • Posts (Whatsapp, Telegram, etc ...).
  • emails.
  • Street noises.
  • Neighbors (if you live in a building).
  • People who live with you (sensitive subject, but to work at home better the fewer distractions. Similarly, you too can be the distraction ...)
  • Neighbors who play an instrument (why everywhere I've lived there ever a neighbor who plays the piano or trumpet?).
  • Notifications on social networks.
  • Clients with last minute changes.
  • Family Matters (washing, cooking, cleaning, etc ...)

And the list could be much longer.

At night, unless there is some unforeseen, you're just you and your computer (or whatever you work with). You can put your music without anyone bothering you or you say "low volume" or "change the song."

I do not say that what he is up at 17:00 every day, is not it.

But instead of at 6 or 7 am, I prefer to get up at 10 or 11 and so hold on until 4 or 5 awake. I postponed my day just to have more quiet night hours. And those times are far more productive than 8 hours of full-time work, with a break (hopefully).

I understand that some people prefer early and "seize the day" (which in my opinion is the same but advancing it a few hours), but everyone likes.

And eye, I talk about work at night in creative things to be more productive.

Although for some time and because of my work schedule (the same entered 9 in the morning at 6 o'clock, do you have working in a mall), and I decided to get up early whenever possible to "seize the day "and if that day and night lengthens am inspired, I can always also take advantage of the night. Yes, always making sure that the day will not have to work in the morning, one thing that I like most the night and other superpowers have anti fatigue by sleep deprivation.

And you, are you up early or stay up late over ?.

They are my vacation and do not want

It's Monday already and are almost 1 am and I have post this week prepared, so I must get down to work because tomorrow we plan a movidito day and with little time for blogging. In this post I will tell some random things that I find curious when the holidays are approaching and they have come to mind linger after a Sunday nap (one of the 4 or 5 naps I miss me a year).

When they start to get hot, and people see you whitey / a, you say: What !, are white does not take the sun?

Look, no. It seems that in summer is a sacrilege not go to the beach and no sun. I happen to that rare breed who do not like too much sun, much less go to the beach. I advise you to read this article called " The beach: the big shit ", where very clearly explained that going to the beach (we understand city beaches, large crowded beaches, no idyllic coves).

Also, give me a nap after I said aloud, "I will ask some year a week of vacation and I will spend the week sleeping on the couch, with air conditioning and doing nothing." Anybody home said "what a waste of time".

Meeeeeec, error.

I understand that people like to travel and as having vacations like going to visit sites like if there were no tomorrow, but hey, if I've thrown all year currando like a wild boar, I have the same right to go to take per sack to stay at home doing nothing, right ?.

If I want to sleep and sleep and not put the clock in a week, why not do it ?. At the end of the day is my vacation and I say that I can decide what I want or do not want to do.

On the other hand respect who would love the idea of ​​having that week vacation and put the alarm sooner than normal and stressed at work. If you enjoy hey, so, of course.

He has always liked more the mountain beach and I think for two reasons: there are fewer people and shadows which lie down to take a nice nap without passing heat tan.

Testing snapchat

In today's post I will talk a little snapchat , an app that was created in 2010 and became popular across the board in 2012.

Yo, I'm trying every new app you see, tried it about a year ago without much success and did not call my attention. Used to sharing things in my blogs, I came and Youtube, where everything is stored, you could not find the sense of this instant messaging app in your publications could only be seen once and for a few seconds. We can say that at that time the great fame that had this app was to be the ultimate app messaging when sending photos say ... committed precisely by the ephemeral matter. That's not for me, I thought.

But lately I see many famous and Youtubers invite people to follow them in this app. On the other hand, my good friend Edu Luque insisted I give him a chance. According to him, this app is "the future of blogs daily."

So for a couple of weeks I slowly nip in the app.

For those who do not know well, commented that now is and what it offers:

With this app you can shoot video or take photos that you can send to a contact and it will only see once. For videos, the duration is to mark the video (I think they're about 20 seconds maximum). If you send a photo, you can decide how many seconds you can see it.

On the other hand, it is the roll "daily blog" that says my friend Edu, which is that you can record videos or upload photos to your followers can see for 24 hours. That is, if you follow a famous and two days ago he climbed the best video of the story, you're going to run out to see it, because it has already disappeared from the application.

To add a contact, you must do so by your username and only then. It has a search engine users but you can not search by name, but you have to type the exact user. For example, if you want to follow and seek "Jaume Estruch" you will not find anything. You will have to write "jaumeestruch"

That's it, that simple. Furthermore, the app itself is responsible for grouping the best snaps by location (so called publications) and you mark them as outstanding. For example, yesterday I was watching snaps of people in the San Diego Comic Con. And there also as "channels" that are sponsored television accounts or famous sites like MTV; VICE or Yahoo !.

You can also choose whether your publications the whole world can see only your contacts or only the contacts you choose.

As shortcomings, you could say that you can not share your posts on other social networks, so any attempt to promote yourself in snapchat run your account and manually. Nor is there a link to your post to share, everything is within the app.

We are unable to search for approximate or similar name makes it difficult to follow someone if you do not know your particular user name.

And the highlights are usually on topics that may give quite the same. At the time of this writing there is a highlight of the Wimbledon tennis final I care very little. Equally sure that many people like the snaps gave the San Diego Comic Con.

For now I will publish things I see on the street or comments that come to mind and although do not see real value rather than hang out and communicate in a different way, I find it entertaining and original.

If you want to follow me, seek me byjaumeestruch

The app is free and is available for iOS and Android .

Notes about Jurassic World

The other day I went to see Jurassic World. So over I liked, but I come to tell you some things that I have found curious while absurd.

SPOILER ALERT. (The mention to not follow a chronological order, are as I have passed through the head)

  • I liked the nostalgic vibes and I admit that the first time has sounded the legendary song of the first movie I have put the willies.
  • The child protagonist (the elder brother) is very rare: the same is autistic breaded roll is super cheerful and talkative. It teens are difficult but not normal. Besides the film it is spent watching all that crosses chavalas but then view photos of his girlfriend on the phone. Double standard. Besides the bride does not come out in the movie.
  • Jake Johnson, the geek mustache of the control room, which is Nick of "New Girl" series always makes the same role. We can confirm that it is locked into losers characters but have good background and are graciosetes (although nobody would the thanks).
  • Go in heels is not the best to go through the jungle, but it gives you an elegant touch.
  • The Chinese head of the laboratory (which I researched and American actor actually) is like the Steve Jobs of the dinosaurs. There is a moment that says something like "I'm the one who brings innovation to this park." To dress like Steve Jobs. Total. Just do not know how to keep professional secrets. Because it goes not say what DNA is composed bug to release everything in 5 minutes. "Pa I have left here," he must have thought ...
  • It is one of the most sponsored films I've seen this year. I think even the Avengers. So at a glance you can see clearly Beats product, Samsung, Mercedes (all the cars from the movie are fucking Mercedes) and inside the park you can see Starbucks, Ben & Jerry ...
  • "Indominus Rex" ... Really? There were no more dinosaurs that have had to invent one?
  • The momentazo where the Indominus Rex is set to "talk" to the Velociraptors.
    I imagine the conversation:
    - Crooks, you do? Do not you see I'm like you?
    - It uncle, but notes that this has created us and feeds us.
    - Do not fucking case, these humans are bastards, which you can nail her from behind, we eat better.
    - Come, go, but thick for me.
    - CHAN CHAN.
  • What I think ... if clearly formed in part by DNA T-Rex, why do they not put to also talk ?. To! to eat one another without even asking what about the day.
  • When "Remember when Grandpa help repair your old car?" Ranging and arrange an abandoned car 20 years ago. COME ON MAN!.
  • The final moment of the T-Rex Mufasa roll on top of the hill like, "I'm in charge here."
  • Will they return to the island? That the same bugs learn to swim and spread around the world. How's that?
  • What the children's area with mini-mini-triceratops and diplodocus seems absurd. Perhaps in normal children zoos or mini mini rhinos buffaloes are raised? If a small goat and gives you a header and tomb, what would a dinosaur ...
  • Jimmy Fallon.
  • Have ye noticed that the Indominus Rex escapes because the fat gives guard post go to the door on the other side preferring open the front? What I endanger everyone? Bah, if it's just a bug ... BECAUSE YOU DESERVE YOU EAT FIRST, BY BUM.
  • The moment "I cry because my parents are getting divorced", what comes ?, then not bring it up again. Zero importance for the film.
  • The timing of the two children in the bolahamster nowhere near the glass of water from Jurassic Park moment.

And so to botepronto not occur to me more. If you've seen the film and think that this list is missing something, please leave a comment.

My first 5K courses

I recently wrote about my first courses , which also was one of 10K.

The truth is that it engages and running soon finished a courses, are already thinking about the next. So the next was the Machinist VIII Cursa per la Integració .

This time it was also a charity for pursuing such a popular disease as difficult as cancer.

At first I thought sign up in the 10K mode (there were two modalities, 10K and 5K), but the friends I went decided to sign up for the 5K so I also signed up for that.

The tour is a tour of the St. Andreu of Barcelona, ​​around the mall The Machinist (where I work, one of the reasons that made me sign up for the courses grace).


My goal with this was varying courses during the week. To sign up I thought about going to pass my time in the 5K, but this week left little train (just one day) and really neglected my diet and slept little, so Sunday was not at my best, so before you start pursuing my goal it was to finish in less than 30 minutes.

But at the time to see me there I got, running past everyone, I turned on the competitive neuron and while my body said "slower, I can not", my mind said "do not stop, faster, they are just 5 kilometers ". So I went and got butt over my time in the 5K, including downloading of 5min / km


The worst of the courses was the first km, basically because it was almost all rise and from 3.5 km to 4.5 and about, it was a straight full sun where the heat pressed to the utmost. I think if I had finally pointed me to traverse 10K, I could not have beat my record in this distance because the heat and sun were really overwhelming.

In the overall standings, I finished 152 of 599 participants. Well below half so happy with the result although the turnout was not very high compared to my previous courses.

Screenshot 30.06.2015 at 05.02.44

Now it is thinking about the next courses. Meanwhile keep running down the street until September maybe point me to the gym to do tape (and much more). I leave with the happy face that I was to finish the 5K.


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